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▪ Portal Fantasy

⁃ Helps explore setting without up-front data dumps

▪ Transhumanist Renaissance

⁃ Keeps Science Fantasy tropes so we can have laserswords and spaceknights

⁃ Sentient ships in dinosaur bodies still a viable concept (zobot approves)

⁃ A weakened religious empire

⁃ three avenues to power

⁃ the Holy Orthodox and Apostolic Congregation

for the Preservation of the Faithful (“The Church”),

⁃ the Nobility (“The Houses”),  

⁃ and those traders lucky enough to have been awarded a writ of Free Trading (“The Guilds”).

⁃ Essentially they represent Lawyers, Guns, and Money.  

⁃ The Church are the Judiciary and the Legislature rolled into one.  

The Nobility have standing armies.  The Guilds control the jumpgates and banking.  

⁃ Memeclaves are the primary allegiances of the rising bourgeoisie

⁃ Basically like tumblr v reddit

⁃ Religious Prohibitions on True AI, Cloning, and Bioengineered Lifeforms are being challenged

⁃ The Big Adversaries are the results of previous violations of those prohibitions

⁃ The Swarm

⁃ Zerg/Tyrannid

- bioengineering experiment that got loose and spread

⁃ The Savages

⁃ “Ork” horde of degraded clones

⁃ The Silence

⁃ AI created a robot army that is still out there somewhere


Main Page

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